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Justin Tse, Oak Bay, B.C. teen, finds success in YouTube video reviews

17-year-old Justin Tse of Oak Bay, B.C. is capitalizing on the demand for online tech reviews with a YouTube channel that he says makes him tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Tse says timing and passion key to successful tech reviews on YouTube

Justin Tse, 17, received a silver play button from YouTube after his channel reached 100,000 subscribers (JTechApple/Facebook)

17-year-old Justin Tse of Oak Bay, B.C. is capitalizing on the demand for online tech reviews with a YouTube channel that he says pays better than most part time jobs — claiming he made tens of thousands of dollars last year.

Tse, who isn't allowed to reveal his actual earnings as per his contract with YouTube, reviews new cell phones, tablets and other electronics on his channel — JTechAppleTV.

The teen said being first to have a review is key to his success — living on Vancouver Island, where there is no official Apple Store, can be a challenge.

"In the event of the iPhone 6 I travelled over to Vancouver and stood outside in the rain for 20 hours. Most people think I'm crazy but I wanted to try my best to get the device on the first day and bring content to my viewers right away," Tse told On The Island's Gregor Craigie.

Tse is paid through YouTube, earning a portion of the ad revenues for each view. He also receives money directly from tech companies, by posting affiliate links and doing paid tutorials for products.

"You can't go into the industry looking just to make money. At first it started out as a hobby and over the years it started to develop and over the years it has become a pretty good source of income," he said.

Tse made his first video was posted  when he was 13-years old — a review of his new iPod, shot with the camera on the device.

"I didn't really have another camera to use so I used the camera built into the iPod and recorded the box while I talked about it," he said.

His videos have evolved, with edited videos shot in 4K resolution.

To hear the full interview with Justin Tse, click the audio labelled: Justin Tse builds popular YouTube channel with online reviews.


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