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Justin is the Municipal Affairs Reporter for CBC Vancouver, covering local political stories throughout British Columbia.

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West Vancouver police investigating defaced rezoning signs with threats against mayor and council

West Vancouver Police are investigating threatening graffiti targetting councillors and Mayor Mary-Ann Booth that was sprayed on two rezoning application boards.

Climate emergencies, transportation, and yes, housing: Metro Vancouver's big issues so far in 2019

School's out for summer — and now, so are city councils. 

'We were put on the backburner for 25 years': Could Langley line turn into another Evergreen Line?

TransLink hopes to find additional funding -- an estimated $1.5 billion -- so the final nine kilometres to Langley City Centre can be built shortly after, if not at the same time. 

Mayors approve moving forward on Surrey SkyTrain extension — but only as far as Fleetwood

If all goes according to plan, the first phase of the line would be completed in 2025.

Vancouver council seeks to make shorter time limits for public speakers a permanent change

This week, both Vancouver council and the TransLink Mayors' Council have items about lowering the maximum time members of the public can speak from five minutes to three. 

Surrey approves 101 units of permanent modular housing

Surrey council approved two separate permanent modular housing projects Monday night, after three hours of often contentious public comments about the proposal. 

Not enough money to extend Surrey SkyTrain to Langley, TransLink says

TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond said a full-length Surrey-Langley SkyTrain would cost $3.12 billion but only $1.6 billion is currently available. 

Council drama aside, Doug McCallum's reputation rests on outcome of 2 big campaign promises

For all the drama over departing councillors, the real question is whether senior levels of government will approve the things the coalition has staked its political capital on.

West Vancouver puts hold on 390-unit apartment project

The Taylorwood Place project looked to replace around 20 single-family homes in a residential area near Park Royal with five terraced apartments, with a proposed 156 units of purpose-built market rental and 234 owner units. 

'We all like shiny objects': But Metro Van politicians want TransLink upgrades before a train to Seattle

A recently released report from the Washington state Department of Transportation estimated a high-speed line, with speeds of up to 354 kilometres an hour, would cost between $24 and $42 billion US but did not break down potential cost-sharing possibilities between the various levels of government. 

Port Moody's acting mayor wants more jobs — not more towers — around SkyTrain hub

He's only been Port Moody's acting mayor for two weeks, but Hunter Madsen isn't wasting time putting forward his vision for the city. 

Influence of neighbourhood groups debated as Vancouver contemplates city-wide plan

Council will likely vote Tuesday on staff's report, leading to the formal launch of a three-year, $18-million, once in a generation public engagement process.

Chinese government reception for B.C. politicians to go ahead as planned

The reception, paid for by China, has taken place every year since 2012 at the annual UBCM conference, where hundreds of mayors and councillors meet for a week to learn best practices and pass resolutions lobbying the provincial government.

Victoria's plastic bag ban quashed by B.C. court

In a unanimous decision, the court ruled that because Victoria's primary aim in enacting the ban was environment, it required approval by the Minister of Environment — something it failed to receive.

Vancouver's on-street parking revenue up 400% in 20 years

Vancouver is forecast to collect $62.9 million in "on-street parking revenue" this year, up from $13.8 million in 1999.