Jennifer Chen

Jennifer Chen worked as a radio producer at CBC Vancouver for 14 years. She is relocating to Ottawa and recovering from her road trip.

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Point of View

It ain't easy but it's so worth it: Family camping from Vancouver to Toronto

A Canadian family visited five national parks and five provincial parks in five provinces this summer from B.C. to Ontario, with two children under the age of 4.
Still Standing

Castle Sewing Centre in Surrey has served customers for three generations

The Fraser Highway in Surrey is now a busy road with chain stores and strip malls. Nestled back from the street is a small white house,with a big sign that says Castle Sewing Centre. This is latest in the Still Standing series on The Early Edition.
Still Standing

Cap's Bicycle Shop in New Westminster keeps rolling after more than 80 years

Customized fit and finding the right ride: New Westminster bike shop meets the challenges of the bike business by keeping up with all the trends.
Still Standing

A house of tiny treasures survives the decades in North Vancouver

In a narrow, industrial section of North Vancouver, surrounded by car dealerships and hardware stores, there’s a shop that’s filled with all kinds of tiny wonders for builders and designers: crown moulding, terra cotta bricks, Persian carpets, wallpaper, jail cells, chicken coops and so much more.
Still Standing

BKH Jerky is a favourite Vancouver stop for lovers of Singapore-style jerky

For more than 30 years, BKH Jerky has been making fresh Singapore-style pork and beef jerky. Now the three Lim brothers have taken over the business from their father and they’ve got big plans.
Still Standing

Restoring pianos to their former glory, one piece at a time  

If you have a Steinway or Bechstein that doesn’t sound like it used to — Story and Company Pianos can fix it for you.
Still Standing

From analog to digital and back again, Beau's has captured photographers' needs

From the rise of digital photography to the resurgence of film, Beau Photo keeps on rolling
Still Standing

Richmond hobby shop survives through 3 locations, 30 years

People still want to touch, feel and browse — and talk to the experts at Imperial Hobbies.
Still Standing

Finding the perfect button: how a small Vancouver shop stays in business

The first thing customers notice are the millions of buttons lining the shelves and drawers of the small, specialized Vancouver shop in Vancouver — buttons in all shapes, colours and sizes.

Don't think you can make a difference in the climate crisis? Meet some experts who say you're wrong

Everyday actions and community projects around the province are reducing greenhouse gases and increasing visibility on climate change. Researchers believe that what individuals and groups are doing to fight climate changing is having a significant impact.

Green parenting tips for raising your newborn

How to raise a newborn without compromising your environmental values.

PuSh Festival's Le Grand Continental mass line dance gets amateurs moving

As 70 amateur dancers prepare for Le Grand Continental mass line dance in downtown Vancouver this weekend, we meet the project's choreographer, Sylvain Émard.

More people trying poi for a mental and physical challenge

An ancient traditional Maori dance that became a popular performance art at music festivals, is now becoming popular for people looking for a fun and challenging activity

Fire destroys Vancouver home, but not family after community steps up

The Edwards-Cyrus family lost their East Vancouver home in a fire. CBC's Jennifer Chen tells how the community rallied to raise more than $18,000.

Remembrance Day project tells stories of 11 soldiers who fought for Canada

Composer Mark Haney says he got the idea for his Remembrance Day project two years ago, when he stood at the top of the hill at Falaise Park in East Vancouver, surrounded by houses where veterans once lived.