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Jeff Wall documentary showcases world renowned photographer's work

In this new documentary, Jeff Wall: In Order to Make a Picture, CBC gives you an insider, intimate look at how the artist creates his masterpieces.

An intimate look at the work and process of a world renowned Vancouver photographer

Vancouver photographer Jeff Wall will spend months constructing a single photograph with an epic, detailed-oriented scene. 

But despite the hundreds of hours he spends on each work of art, the renowned artist does not seek the spotlight. His photographs sell for millions of dollars and he rarely grants interviews or allows anyone to watch him working. 

In this new documentary, Jeff Wall: In Order to Make a Picture, CBC gives you an insider, intimate look at how Wall creates his masterpieces. 

Watch the documentary's premiere on CBC Television in B.C. and Alberta at Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. local time as well as online at