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Jason Proctor is a reporter in British Columbia for CBC News and has covered the B.C. courts and mental health issues in the justice system extensively.

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Meng Wanzhou's lawyers say Canada should end extradition for 'national interests'

Lawyers for Meng Wanzhou say it would be in "Canada's national interests" to drop extradition proceedings against the Huawei executive.

'I didn't know that seagulls were protected': B.C. man escapes fine for destroying gull's nest

Angelo Mion learned the hard way that a seagull is more than just a flying rat. At least as far as the law is concerned.

Vancouver Canucks' billionaire owners face huge tax bill years after team purchase

Members of the Aquilini Group, which owns the Vancouver Canucks, are facing a massive bill related to a complex scheme developed to offset taxes on the sale of more than $140 million worth of assets needed to raise money to buy the hockey team.

Brought to Canada by convicted murderer, son now faces immigration hearing

A Maple Ridge man is facing deportation as a result of his father's failure to admit his conviction in a notorious B.C. murder when he brought his family to Canada.

New trial ordered for only person convicted in MV Sun Sea's Tamil smuggling case

B.C.'s appeal court has ordered a new trial for the only man ever convicted in a high-profile human smuggling case that saw 492 Tamil asylum seekers land off the West Coast in August 2010.

'Woefully under-staffed': judge laments fisheries resources in scathing decision

A B.C. provincial court judge lamented the state of protections for Canadian fisheries as she tore a strip off a commercial skipper with a history of repeat fishing violations.

Rideshare driver loses claim for 'moral damages' caused by passenger complaints

An insulted rideshare driver has lost a bid to collect 'civil and moral damages' he claimed were caused by passengers accusing him of being late and ill-equipped to deal with winter conditions.

They tried to impound her Land Rover. Now they want to take it away

B.C.'s director of civil forfeiture wants to seize the Land Rover of an alleged scofflaw driver before she hurts somebody.
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'Redemption has been given to me': Ontario's newest lawyer undoes bad chapter

Malcolm Zoraik will have earned more than just the right to practise law when he's called to Ontario's bar later this month. The 56-year-old says he'll have won a decade-long battle to reclaim his reputation.

'We live in fear of Lisa Batstone': Sentencing begins for mother who killed 8-year-old

The distraught father of an eight-year-old murder victim asked a courtroom full of onlookers to place themselves in his shoes Wednesday as his ex-wife faced sentencing for killing their daughter. "What would you not endure to save the life of your child?" Gabe Batstone asked.

Architects of their own misfortune? Building design approval draws lawsuit against city

B.C.'s architectural watchdog is suing the City of Langford on Vancouver Island over a five-unit townhome complex that was approved without the input of an architect.
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Months to marry and years to split as Chinese millionaire battles Vegas spouse

Peipei Li and Luhua Rao got married in a Las Vegas fever in April 2016. The B.C. courts have been sweating the dissolution of their union ever since.

Vancouver police search for subject of unprecedented HIV-medication order

Vancouver police are searching for a man who is the subject of an unprecedented court order to take medication for HIV.

'I am afraid': Taxi driver's sexual assault to result in deportation to India

A taxi driver who sexually assaulted a drunk female passenger in 2012 has lost his bid to avoid deportation to India.

RCMP and CBSA say Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou's phones never examined as claimed

Lawyers for the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency claim agents have never examined electronic devices belonging to Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou.