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Jason Proctor is a reporter in British Columbia for CBC News and has covered the B.C. courts and mental health issues in the justice system extensively.

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Missing an Apple watch? Dozens seized at home of alleged Downtown Eastside 'Fagin'

He's accused of being a Downtown Eastside version of Fagin - the legendary character from Oliver Twist who led a school of pickpockets in Dickensian London. But the would-be thief Aaron Castillo-Anguiano is accused of counselling was an undercover police officer.

Judge passes on would-be-director's pitch for permanent residency

It was the audition of a lifetime - for a real-life role as a permanent resident of Canada. But aspiring film director Zhiming Wei earned two thumbs-down from a pair of critics whose opinions carry real weight: an immigration officer and a federal court judge.

'Repeatedly struck by VPD officers': Man suffered broken ribs, concussion during mistaken arrest, suit claims

A Vancouver man claims police officers broke his ribs and gave him a concussion while mistakenly arresting him during the hunt for a fugitive accused of shooting a Transit Police officer.

'Not humanly possible': Driving instructor allegedly hacked auto insurance computers

Insurance investigators raided the home office last month of a Richmond, B.C., driving instructor suspected of hacking the province's notoriously backlogged wait list for road tests.

Accused in B.C. human smuggling case pleads guilty to 4 charges

A man charged with helping dozens of Chinese migrants "jump the border" illegally into British Columbia pleaded guilty to four counts related to human smuggling Monday.
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Transfixed by tragedy: mystery of alleged 'team killers' captures world's attention

Last week, cameras in a pair of northern towns thousands of kilometres apart recorded two chapters of an unfolding mystery: a weary couple’s intimate hug in the last days of their lives and a purchase by the two blank-faced teens suspected of killing them. The tragedy has left the public transfixed.

'Living in fear': Killings drive home vulnerability for Northern B.C. residents

Pristine wilderness draws tourists and residents alike to a vision of Northern British Columbia as a kind of unspoiled Eden. Many say they've been left uneasy by seeing it turned into a crime scene.
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3 victims, 2 suspects dead: What we know about the northern B.C. cases

The deaths of three people in northern B.C. and the cross-country search for two suspects, later found dead, set Canadians on edge.
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'I felt violated': Patient seeks public notice for doctor accused of sexual assault

A B.C. doctor who was the subject of three separate complaints from women about breast examinations was allowed to retire with no notice to the public about the reasons he promised not to practice medicine again.

Vancouver 'kink' society locked in legal combat with exiled dungeon master

A non-profit society dedicated to Vancouver's kink community is preparing to do legal battle with a Burnaby dungeon master who claims he was unfairly and publicly accused of sexual abuse.

Infected bat 'ran into' hand of B.C. man who later died from rabies: health officer

A 21-year-old man who died from rabies after coming into contact with an infected bat on Vancouver Island this spring had a brush with the nocturnal mammal in an "unusual" daytime encounter, health officials said Tuesday.

WestJet sued over failed attempt to store overhead luggage

A woman claims she got a concussion after being struck on the head, as a fellow WestJet passenger was trying to stuff her luggage into an overhead bin.

'Kindly accept my file': B.C. woman finds victory in quest for traffic justice

Like many a bad story, Yoshnika Shah's tale of woe begins on a dark and stormy night. Nearly three years later, it's still not over. But the clouds have parted a little.

Elementary school assistant jailed for sharing pictures of her grandchildren with online predator

A B.C. elementary school assistant has been sent to jail for more than a year after sharing pictures of her grandchildren online with a "vile and depraved" stranger who said he would "love to train" them.

'My children died on Christmas Day': Mother erupts at B.C. murder trial

A grieving mother's frustration surfaced Wednesday at the B.C. Supreme Court trial of the man who is accused of killing both her daughters.