Jarrod Bacon back in prison after strip club arrest

Jarrod Bacon is back in a Quebec prison after police found the notorious B.C. gangster breaking the conditions of his statutory release.

Notorious gangster found associating with a man tied to B.C.'s illegal drug trade

Jarrod Bacon's statutory release should have been June 14, 2018, based on serving two-thirds of his nine year, two month sentence. (CBC)

Jarrod Bacon is back in a Quebec prison after police found the notorious B.C. gangster breaking the conditions of his statutory release.

Parole Board of Canada documents say that on July 10 Bacon was intercepted by officers in an undisclosed strip club known to be frequented by members of organized crime.

At the time Bacon was also found to be in the company of another man who is well known in B.C. and Alberta for his involvement in the illegal drug trade. 

According to the documents, when police approached Bacon he first tried to sneak away before giving a false identity.

While sitting in the police car he became agitated and tried to kick out a rear door window.

Bacon had been living in a supervised halfway house at an undisclosed location after his statutory release from a Quebec prison in February of this year.

Conditions of his release included not associating with persons involved in criminal activity or the drug subculture.

In 2012, Bacon was sentenced to 12 years minus time served after he was caught trying to smuggle 100 kilograms of cocaine into B.C. 

Because of safety concerns related to his gang affiliations, he was transferred to Quebec where he served five years.

Bacon is a past member of the Bacon Brothers and Red Scorpions gang, and has been associated with members of the Hells Angels.

He is the middle of three brothers who were allegedly involved in a deadly gang war in the Lower Mainland. 

His younger brother, Jamie Bacon, is charged in the 2007 Surrey Six slayings, which left six dead in a Surrey highrise. 

The eldest brother, Jonathan Bacon, was killed in a targeted shooting in Kelowna in 2011.