Dalton's second trial wrapping up

For the second time Ronald Dalton's future is about to be handed over to a jury. The former Islander is charged with the murder of his spouse.

In 1989 Dalton was convicted of killing his wife Brenda, also from P.E.I., at their home in Gander.

Two years ago, Newfoundland's court of appeal ordered a new trial.

On Monday, after 5 months of testimony, both the Crown and defence presented closing arguments.

Defence lawyer Jerome Kennedy asked the jurors to find Ronald Dalton innocent.

He said the case is based on circumstantial evidence.

In his final plea to the jury, Kennedy said Brenda Dalton choked to death on cereal.

He also pointed to the testimony of a steady stream of pathologists he called who agreed with him.

Crown Prosecutor Kathleen Healey criticized Kennedy, saying he was appealing to the jurors emotions.

She told the court Dalton made up cereal story and called the defendant a liar.

Healey quoted letters Dalton wrote to a woman he had an affair with.

She also reminded jurors Dalton didn't tell the truth about where he was the night his wife died.

The jury is expected to start deliberating on Wednesday.