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Impaired driver arrested after crashing dad's car, then mom's: RCMP

North Vancouver RCMP say a man has been arrested for impaired driving after crashing two different cars within three hours of each other: his dad's car, then his mom's.

Police say they were were called twice in 3 hours for reports of erratic driver

RCMP said officers arrested a North Vancouver man for suspected impaired driving after two crashes within three hours on Thursday afternoon. (North Vancouver RCMP)

North Vancouver RCMP say a man has been arrested for suspected impaired driving after crashing two cars in three hours: first his dad's, then his mom's.

A cyclist first called police about a driver who collided with a parked car in the area of Capilano Road and Montroyal Boulevard just before 12:30 p.m. on Thursday. RCMP said the driver, who is in his 30s, failed a breathalyzer test at the scene.

A statement said officers seized the man's driver's licence and issued a 90-day driving ban. The car he'd been driving, which belongs to his father, was impounded for 30 days.

The statement said officers then drove the man home.

Three hours later, another person phoned police about an erratic driver who nearly hit a cyclist before crashing into a parked car on Lonsdale Avenue, which is about five kilometres from the first reported crash.

RCMP said the same officer responded and found the same man behind the wheel, this time in his mother's car.

"It appeared he had continued drinking after his last accident," the statement read.

Officers arrested the man for impaired driving after a second "assessment of his alcohol consumption." His mom's car was impounded for a week.

Sgt. Peter DeVries said the investigation is ongoing and RCMP are working on recommending charges. 

"Admittedly, there's something kind of comical about it at first blush but the reality of it is really serious. This guy could have killed someone," the officer said Friday.

"It's a miracle there wasn't someone standing on the street getting into the car or that he didn't blow through a crosswalk and take out someone crossing the street. It could've happened. It's happened before."

DeVries added: "Hold your friends and family members [accountable] and be accountable yourself not to do this kind of thing ... We shouldn't be allowing this kind of thing to happen anymore."