British Columbia

Illicit placenta and stem cell therapies seized from B.C. beauty shop

The drugs confiscated from Before & After Beauty Lab in Richmond “may pose serious risks to health,” according to Health Canada.

Health Canada says drugs taken from Richmond salon 'may pose serious risks to health'

Melsmon Placenta is labelled as containing human placenta. (Health Canada)

A product labelled as human placenta and an illicit stem cell therapy were among several unauthorized drugs recently seized from a beauty shop in Richmond, B.C., federal officials say.

The drugs confiscated from Before & After Beauty Lab on Hazelbridge Way "may pose serious risks to health," according to a Health Canada press release.

They include injectable products labelled as human placenta, high-concentration lidocaine cream, a prescription antibiotic and unauthorized stem cell therapies, packaged in languages including Japanese and Korean.

Health Canada has not assessed the safety of high-concentration lidocaine. (Health Canada)

"None of the products … have been authorized by Health Canada and may pose serious health risks as they have not been assessed for safety, effectiveness or quality," the press release says.

No products containing human placenta have been approved for use in Canada, and only one stem cell therapy is authorized.

Some of the seized drugs should only be used with a prescription and under the supervision of a doctor or other health professionals. They include drugs like aminolevulinic acid, which can cause blistering or even bleeding, and the antibiotic gentamicin, which has serious side effects including kidney damage and hearing loss.

Health Canada says it is working with the Canada Border Services Agency to prevent more of these drugs from being imported.

The antibiotic gentamicin has several serious side effects. (Health Canada)

Anyone who has purchased and used any of these drugs from the beauty shop should consult with a doctor:

  • Be balance ALA (aminolevulinic acid) Concentrate
  • Dr Maylab "Losheen Stem Cells Therapy" Amniotic Fluid-derived stem cells
  • J-Cain lidocaine cream (15.6%)
  • Mastelli Placentex (polydeoxyribonucleotide 5.625 mg/3ml injectable solution)
  • Melsmon Placenta (Human)
  • MSD Gentacin Ointment 0.1% (gentamicin)
Mastelli Placentex was one of the products seized from a beauty salon in Richmond, B.C. (Health Canada)