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Ice times in the city

People are making the best of a true Canadian winter in the Lower Mainland and enjoying a little frozen fun.

Vancouverites take advantage of rare deep freeze for some fun and frivolity

These folks, part of artist Yue Minjun's A-maze-ing Laughter installation in Vancouver's West End, seem to be having a grand time making snowballs. (@alisonboulier/Instagram)

Vancouverites are embracing the winter spirit this season and having an A-maze-ing time. From some experimental snowman building, a little sport and a whole lot of rolling, here are some of the highlights.

Some built snowmen — and then imitated them. 

The Lower Mainland's cold spell turned streets, lakes and in some cases university fountains into skating rinks.

Some lakes even took on a whole new purpose — ice fishing.

Ice fishing in Como Lake

CBC News Vancouver at 6

5 years ago
Steve Song ventured out on to a frozen Como Lake in Coquitlam to catch some fish. 0:30

Elsewhere, others chose to use the snow like a lake. SFU's swim team took its practice outside.

The Vancouver Aquarium's otters took the opportunity to play (as they would).

And even our own Johanna Wagstaffe got in on the once-in-a-generation action at Trout Lake.