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'I wanted to jump up and scream': Vancouver Whitecaps' Alphonso Davies on transfer to Bayern Munich

In a record-setting transfer deal, the Vancouver Whitecaps's Alphonso Davies has signed with German soccer giant Bayern Munich.

$22 million US transfer deal the most ever received by an MLS club in league's 23-year history

Alphonso Davies shares why he will miss Vancouver

4 years ago
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The Whitecaps star will be joining Bayern Munich

In a record-setting transfer deal, the Vancouver Whitecaps's Alphonso Davies has signed with German soccer giant Bayern Munich.

The 17-year-old Canadian international midfielder's transfer was confirmed Wednesday in a contract that runs until 2023.

The move could amount to more than $22 million US, the most ever received by an MLS club in the league's 23-year history, according to a statement from the Whitecaps. 

The previous record was set in 2008 when Spanish club Villarreal spent $10 million US to acquire striker Jozy Altidore from the New York Red Bulls.

Davies worked his way into Vancouver's starting lineup by catching coaches' and scout's attention with blazing speed and absolute control of the ball. 

He'll play out the rest of the season in Vancouver and is eligible to join Bayern when the international transfer window reopens in January.

Davies stepped off the practice field at the University of British Columbia to speak with CBC's Dan Burritt about the exciting news.

We've seen the video that Bayern-Munich released, you having fun once the announcement was made, but can you take us back to the moment when you put your name on the record transfer deal? What was going through your mind?

It was exciting. I wasn't expecting this opportunity to come so quickly and now that it did, once I was signing it, I was really, really excited inside. I wanted to jump up and scream but I had to keep my composure.

Anyone who has seen you play, the raw athleticism is there, the skill is there. What does it mean to go to Germany and work with some of the best technical coaches in the world when it comes to soccer?

It means a lot. Going to Germany I think would improve my skill massively. I'm really excited to be playing alongside world-class players, like Robben, Ribery, Alaba, It's just a dream come true.

Your transfer has obviously made news here in Canada. It's made news around the world. We have seen some commentary in some of the U.K. newspapers who are questioning whether or not you might be worth this amount in this record transfer deal. What do you say to your doubters?

I don't really know. I don't really focus on that part. That's not what I'm good at. That's for my people who handled this deal. My part is stay on the field. Play on the field,.Keep myself healthy and play the game that I love.

You're 17 years old. You're chasing a dream and now you're going to be fulfilling that dream. There are a lot of kids in this country and across the world who are watching what you're going to be doing. What's your message to them?

My message to them is just have fun. Listen to coaches of course, but once you're on the field coaches can't play the game for you. You've just got to go out there, have fun and do your best. Play with a smile on your face, because you're playing the game because you love it. You're not playing it because you're forced to.

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