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How to prevent bike theft: 5 tips from RCMP

North Vancouver RCMP offer five tips to protect your bike from theft.

Investigators say warm weather leads to an increase in bike thefts

As warmer weather approaches, the North Vancouver RCMP say the chances of having your bike stolen also increase.

As warmer weather approaches, the North Vancouver RCMP say the chances of having your bike stolen also increase. 

Here are their top five tips to protect your bike from theft:

  1. While it may seem obvious, never leave your bike unlocked in public and use a high quality lock. If you want to be extra careful, remove either the seat or a wheel as an even greater deterrent.
  2. Store your bike in a safe location at home, preferably in a locked area.
  3. If you are leaving your bike unattended on the back of a vehicle, lock the bike to your vehicle. It takes thieves just a few minutes to capitalize on a crime of opportunity.
  4. Never lock your bike by the front wheel only. Always lock your bike with two quality locks — preferably a U-lock and a cable lock.
  5. Think your condo parking lot is safe? Think again. Secure underground parking lots at apartment and condo complexes are targeted by bike thieves. If you are required to store your bike in a designated area such as a bike locker, use a high quality lock and take the extra step of removing the seat or a wheel.

RCMP also suggest having a photo of the bike and recording the serial number so that if the bike is stolen, it can be identified if located. 


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