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How to create an iconic northern B.C. Halloween costume

Two Prince George locals have taken their love for the northern B.C. city and created a do-it-yourself Halloween costume guide inspired by it. 

From an aggressive moose to the Massey sinkhole, 2 Prince George locals share DIY costume tips

Petersen, left, and Benny, created these Prince George inspired Halloween costumes. (Andrew Kurjata/CBC)

Two Prince George locals have taken their love for the northern B.C. city and created a do-it-yourself Halloween costume guide inspired by it. 

Hanna Petersen, a writer for local news outlet Prince George Matters, made a listicle of costumes ideas with the help of her friend, artist and designer, Katherine Benny.

"Of course we had Mr. PG to start off with," said Petersen, referring to Prince George's city mascot.

"And then it sort of just spiraled from there with a lot of different ideas focused on news events that happened throughout the year and also just iconic Prince George imagery."

Petersen and Benny have now taken their list to the next level, by creating some of the costumes themselves and coming on CBC's Daybreak North to show them off. Check them out, below.

'If I was really going to go as Mr. PG to a party I would try to find a real hard hat, or devise a way to attach this salad bowl to my head,' says Benny. (Andrew Kurjata/CBC)

Mr. PG

Mr. PG is Prince George's iconic wooden mascot that's been welcoming visitors to the city for nearly 60 years. To make his wooden tubular shaped body, Petersen and Benny used a pop-up laundry hamper and then decorated a piece of brown craft paper, painted the letters P and G onto it, and attached it to the hamper to make it look like Mr. PG's wooden torso.

To make the hat, they recommend using a yellow salad bowl, or a hard hat. For the nose, they used a small cardboard tube and attached string to tie it on.

'In my imaginary Massey sinkhole, I made things look more high stakes,' says Benny, however, no cars actually fell into the real sinkhole. (Andrew Kurjata/CBC )

Massey sinkhole

In 2014, a massive sinkhole at the intersection of Massey Drive and Carney Street made headlines. To depict the traffic chaos that ensued, Petersen and Benny recreated the scene on an apron, which Petersen described as "one of our zanier ideas."

To add drama, they painted one car teetering on the edge of the sinkhole, but noted that no cars actually fell into it. 

Crossroads Brewing is a well known brewery in downtown Prince George. (Andrew Kurjata/CBC)

Crossroads Brewing Fast Lane IPA

Similar to the Mr. PG costume, to dress up like a beer from the popular downtown Prince George brewery, you can use a laundry hamper and paint craft paper to make the beer can and label. Benny and Petersen cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of a beer can tab and then covered it in aluminum foil. They recommend wearing the tab as either a hat or a bracelet to complete the look. 

A moose that conservation officers think was likely protecting her calves, made headlines for knocking over two people walking their dogs in a Prince George meadow last winter. (Andrew Kurjata/CBC)

Aggressive moose 

The list wouldn't be complete without including the aggressive moose that locals were on the lookout for in a meadow near the University of Northern British Columbia last winter. The costume is fairly easy to make, Petersen said. All you need is a moose sign, antlers and a brown clothing, and "you're good to go."

With files from Daybreak North


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