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Hot in Vancouver: Sizzling Wednesday, a little cooler Thursday

The expected high of 25 C is way over the average temperature for June 12 but still not a record.

Expected high of 25 C way over the average temperature for June 12 but still not a record

Wednesday's high in Vancouver is over 6 C warmer than the historical average for June 12. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

There was a time, not long ago, when unseasonably hot weather was the most unguilty pleasure of all in Metro Vancouver.

That's because in a place where dampness prevails most months, ditching the Gore-Tex early — or even better —having your straightened hair actually stay straight used to feel like a bonus victory over Mother Nature.

But with peak wildfire season just around the corner and drought concerns already forcing water restrictions on Vancouver and the Gulf Islands, the latest forecast calling for a week of above average temperatures doesn't seem altogether happy news.

According to Environment Canada, Wednesday will be the hottest of the stretch with the daytime maximum in Vancouver reaching 25 C — more than six degrees warmer than the 18.8 C average for June 12.

Soaring temperatures in B.C.’s Lower Mainland approach record highs. (Evan Mitsui)

Inland will be even toastier with an expected high of 31 C. 

"Today is unusually warm," said CBC meteorologist Brett Soderholm. "But I expect the rest of the week to be less so."

Vancouver's five day forecast. (Environment Canada)

Unlike some years, Solderholm thinks Metro Vancouver isn't likely to experience a "June-uary" period of prolonged rain.

"We had our cooler spell last week when it was a little rainy and a little gross," he said. "That will be the worst of it."

Thanks to last week's weather, the fire danger ratings are lower today than they were most of last month in many parts of B.C. But Solderholm expects they will start rising again soon. 

He also predicts it will be a warmer than normal summer throughout the province.

The highest recorded temperature for June 12 in Vancouver is 27.4 C set in 1999.

The record low is 6.1 C set in 1945.









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