British Columbia

John Horgan will be B.C.'s new premier. What comes next?

British Columbians are waking up today knowing who will finally be running the province — for a little while, at least.

Lt.-Gov. accepts Christy Clark's resignation; date yet to be set for NDP leader's swearing in

NDP Leader John Horgan is set to become B.C.'s 36th premier. (The Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck)

British Columbians are waking up today knowing who will finally be running the province — for a little while, at least.

NDP Leader John Horgan announced Thursday evening that he will become the next premier, following a tumultuous day that saw Christy Clark's B.C. Liberals fall in a 44-42 vote of non-confidence.

The timeline for what happens next is still uncertain. A date has yet to be set for the swearing in of B.C.'s 36th premier.

The longevity and success of his term will depend on the strength of the agreement between Horgan and Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, who has pledged his caucus's support to Horgan on matters of confidence.

It also rests on a razor-thin majority of 44 NDP and Green MLAs to the Liberals' 43.

John Horgan is B.C.'s new premier

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He will have the opportunity to test the confidence of the legislature

Once Horgan is sworn in, one of his first challenges will be finding someone to serve as Speaker, following Liberal Speaker Steve Thomson's resignation on Thursday after the non-confidence vote. In the event of a tie vote, the Speaker traditionally votes in the interest of continuing debate, but at final reading will generally vote against new legislation.

Horgan has also outlined three priorities he wants to focus on — the fentanyl crisis, the softwood lumber agreement and public education. 

Tumultuous day

The news that Horgan will take the helm came not long after Clark met with Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon for about 90 minutes Thursday. Clark had asked for the dissolution of the house and a new election. But the Queen's representative declined that request, calling Horgan instead and getting an assurance that his NDP-Green alliance would have the confidence of the legislature.

"I look forward to working harder than I've ever worked before to make sure this great province continues to grow, and that the prosperity that we all want to see for ourselves, we can make sure we can share that prosperity with others," Horgan told reporters after Guichon asked him to form the next government.

Clark said she has offered the Lt.-Gov. her resignation, and Guichon issued a statement saying that she will accept it.

Christy Clark says she respects Lt.-Gov.'s decision

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Premier asked for dissolution, but was turned down by Guichon