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HomeStart Foundation overwhelmed with furniture donations for Syrian refugees

A Vancouver-based furniture bank says it has has been overwhelmed with donations for Syrian refugees, and it now needs cash to get those donations to those who need them.

Charity says it also needs cash for 'not-very-glamourous' expenses like rent and gas

A HomeStart Foundation crew readies its truck for delivery. The furniture bank has been overwhelmed with donations since being listed as an organization helping Syrian refugees by the Immigrant Services Society of B.C. (CBC News)

A Vancouver-based furniture bank says it has has been overwhelmed with donations for Syrian refugees, and it now needs cash to get those donations to those who need them. 

Vancouver-based charity HomeStart Foundation collects gently-used furniture and delivers it to homes in need.

It was listed on the Immigrant Services Society of B.C. website, along with several other groups, as a charity looking for donations for Syrian refugees coming to B.C.

The HomeStart Foundation's storage centre is full to the door. (CBC News)

Vikki Stevenson, the group's executive director, said in 10 years, she had never seen so much support.

"We all within a week had to say very kindly to them, can you please take our name off the list, because we just can't handle the number of people that are phoning trying to offer us stuff for refugees," she said.

Stevenson said HomeStart has received double their usual furniture donations over the past several weeks, and while it's encouraging, they also need cash donations.

"To be able to pay for the not-very-glamourous stuff like rent for our warehouse, gas for our truck, paying for our driver. It's a big challenge," she said.

For those who do have furniture to donate, she recommends hanging on to it until space in their warehouse opens up again. 

With files from Lien Yeung


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