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Scientists breathe easier as marine heat wave off west coast weakens

Scientists say a marine heat wave that blanketed a large area of the west coast has weakened, but the potential disruption to ocean life isn't over yet.

Canadian living amid California fires prepared to flee at moment's notice

A Canadian woman living near California's Simi Valley says her car was packed Wednesday with emergency supplies as she was prepared to flee if a raging wildfire spread.

Andrew Berry's testimony like plot of 'bad low-budget movie,' Crown tells murder trial

A father accused of murdering his two daughters has told his trial a "yarn" about the day the girls were killed, a Crown attorney argued Friday.

B.C. pilot killed in Honduras crash was 'very experienced,' dad says

The father of a 32-year-old B.C. pilot killed in a plane crash in Honduras on Saturday says he had spoken with his son Patrick earlier that morning and the family is still trying to piece together the tragedy.

Not having children a way to cut a person's carbon footprint, some environmental groups say

Environmentally conscious groups say having fewer children is key to reducing our carbon footprint and saving human life on earth.

B.C. premier says wood to be used in two provincial megaprojects

The new St.Paul's Hospital being built in Vancouver and the upgrade to the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria will be done with wood engineered in B.C. to help the provincial forest industry.

Canadian Arctic has all the mineral ingredients for prized blue gemstones

A new study from the University of British Columbia finds cobalt-blue spinel, a mineral prized by jewellers and collectors, on Baffin Island.

Clearwater Sikh community donates thousands to charity after sale of temple

A small B.C. town's only Sikh temple has just been sold, the money donated to charity when the few remaining in Clearwater's Sikh community decided it didn't need the space anymore.

UBC study shows honey bees can help monitor pollution in cities

A new study from the University of British Columbia says honey from urban honey bees can show how clean a city is and help pinpoint the sources of environmental pollutants such as lead.

19 years after her murder in India, husband still haunted by wife's last words

The last words Sukhwinder Singh Mithu remembers from his wife were a plea to her killers.

Victoria may lose cherry blossoms as city pushes ahead with tree management plan

Victoria's trademark cherry blossoms may be lost in a few years as the city goes ahead with a plan to replace aging non-native trees with native species.

UBC studying past volcanic activity in B.C. for glimpse into climate change future

Scientists are trying to reconstruct what the environment and climate of southwest British Columbia looked like over the past two million years by studying volcanoes that erupted under glaciers.

New insect found in B.C. caves could be a survivor from Ice Age

A new species of insect found in a limestone cave near Port Alberni on Vancouver Island may have survived the last ice age by living underground, researchers suggest.

Puppy from Iran that had acid thrown on face to have surgery in Vancouver

A dog that had acid thrown on its face in Iran will undergo surgery after it was adopted by a Burnaby resident.

Haida Gwaii home to a distinct but vulnerable pocket of northern goshawks

A new study by UBC researchers has found that Haida Gwaii's population of northern goshawks are the last remnant of a highly distinct genetic cluster of the birds.