British Columbia

Highway 17 down to single lane traffic for several hours

A break down involving a semi-truck trailer has reduced Highway 17 between Nordel Way and the Alex Fraser Bridge to single lane traffic westbound, as crews bring in specialized equipment to remove the truck.

Delta Police ask commuters to avoid area between Tannery and Nordel as crews work to clear the road

A severely bent trailer of a semi-truck has Highway 17 down to single-lane traffic. (Delta Police)

A broken down semi-truck, with a bent trailer, has resulted in single-lane traffic going westbound along the 8300 block of Highway 17. 

"If you happen to be on Highway 17, if you can get off Tannery Road and avoid that whole area from Tannery and Nordel," said Sharlene Brooks with Delta Police. 

At approximately 9:00 a.m. PT on Thursday, just at the tail end of rush hour, police responded to reports of a broken down semi-truck with its load compromised. 

Delta Police say specialized equipment is required in order to remove the truck. It expects that westbound Highway 17 will be single lane traffic for several hours. (Delta Police)

It's not clear what the truck was carrying or how it broke down.

"It is going to take several hours for this trailer to be removed because it has to first be unloaded, then righted and then towed and because of the condition of the trailer, it requires specialized equipment," said Brooks.

Delta Police will advise when the area is clear and fully open.