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Vancouver heritage homes eligible for grants to reduce carbon footprint

The Vancouver Heritage Foundation is offering grants of up to $6,000 to help heritage homeowners reduce their carbon footprint.

Two year retrofitting program from Vancouver Heritage Foundation aimed at improving energy efficiency

Vancouver Heritage Foundation offers grants for energy retrofitting over the next two years. (Heritage Vancouver)

Vancouver's heritage homeowners can now get some extra cash to help with renovations.

For the next two years, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation is offering energy retrofitting grants up to $6,000 to help heritage homeowners reduce their carbon footprint.

Homeowners can now apply for the grants to help them make the switch from oil and gas to electric heating, install high-efficiency toilets, or improve their home's insulation.

"[The grant] aims to help homeowners find the most effective retrofits for their home that reduces both the greenhouse gas emissions ... their energy bills, [and] improves the comfort in their homes," said the foundation's director Judith Mosley.

The City of Vancouver is footing the bill for the new grants, which will be available for the next two years after a successful pilot run began in 2015.

Mosley says the goal is for the pre-1940 homes to help the city meet its renewable energy goals while respecting their 'heritage character'.

What's covered?

Only homes built before 1940, or those on the Vancouver Heritage Register, are eligible for the grants.

They include a maximum of $3,000 for testing, reports and retrofits — but homeowners that want to make the switch from gas heating to electric heating can qualify for up to $6,000.

Applications for the grant are open until the end of 2017, which also cover:

  • GHG reduction retrofits not covered by the utilities, including high-efficiency forms of heating and hot water, insulation and draft proofing.
  • Installing wooden storm windows.
  • Water efficiency measures (high-efficiency toilets, aerators and shower heads)

Homeowners have until Oct. 31, 2018 to complete their retrofits, including a post-retrofit evaluation, in order to receive the full grant.

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