Healthy food truck option returns to Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Culver City Salads co-founder says there is plenty of demand for vegan and gluten-free food truck food.

Culver City Salads' offerings are vegan and gluten-free

Christina Culver says texture is key for Culver City Salads 5:16

Culver City Salads' food truck is back at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival this year, and co-founder Christina Culver says they have already been blown away by the response.

"People would wait for 10 minutes, and they'd still be like, 'Thank you for healthy food,'" she told host Gloria Macarenko on CBC's Our Vancouver.

From the beginning, Culver City Salads has been plant-based and gluten-free. Christina is vegan, and her sister Sarah follows a gluten-free diet.

"For me, a salad is not a salad until it has an avocado in it," says Christina Culver. (CBC)

Texture is key for Christina when creating their dishes.

Whether it's spiralized zucchini, sunflower shoots or arugula, it "makes such a huge difference, especially for us who eat them every single day."

The dressing is also "where it's at." Almost all their dressings are miso tahini-based. Their lemon chia dressing has lemon, lemon zest, Dijon mustard, a little bit of maple, and chia seeds.

Watch Christina Culver discuss the dish with Gloria Macarenko as she samples some in the Our Vancouver video above or watch it here.