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Hammy, the deer with a purple hammock on his head, is evading conservation officers

Conservation officers are trying to capture Hammy in order to remove a piece of purple hammock stuck in his antlers, but the young buck is proving elusive.

The most famous deer in British Columbia is proving tough to find

Some photographers have managed to capture photos of Hammy around Prince Rupert, but the deer has proven elusive for the conservation officers tasked with freeing him from his purple hammock. (Lynn Cociani)

Hammy, the deer made famous for having a piece of purple hammock stuck in his antlers, is proving tough to find for the B.C. Conservation Officer Service as they try to remove the fabric before rutting season.

Hammy made headlines and attracted a large fanbase after photos of him strutting around Prince Rupert with a shock of bright purple on his right antler were shared to a Facebook group devoted to tracking his whereabouts.

Although conservation officers at the time said it appeared Hammy wasn't having any trouble as a result of the fabric, they are now concerned it could get tangled as rutting season begins — a time when bucks like Hammy compete for does by locking antlers with each other in a display of masculinity.

The Conservation Officer Service has asked Hammy's Facebook fans to alert them to his whereabouts if spotted. (Photo: David MacKenzie Poster: Diane Gent)

The plan is to find Hammy and drug him then remove the fabric and set him free.

But two Terrace conservation officers sent to do that spent a day searching with no luck.

Hammy was first spotted by Marcedés Mack in August when she found him tangled in a hammock in her neighbour's yard.

RCMP attended and managed to cut him loose, but didn't get all of the fabric out before he ran off.

Since then, he's become a local celebrity, inspiring Halloween costumes, Christmas ornaments and a t-shirt, with funds going to the local wildlife shelter.

A Hammy Christmas ornament created by children at a daycare in Prince Rupert. (Morgan Wilson)
A Facebook group has been created for Prince Rupert residents to share their sightings of Hammy and his distinctive purple hammock. (David MacKenzie)

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