British Columbia

Needle found embedded in child's Halloween chocolate bar

RCMP in Burns Lake, B.C., say a needle was discovered in a young child's trick-or-treat candy on Halloween night.

Police in Burns Lake, B.C., are reminding parents to check their children's trick-or-treat candy bags

Sharon Turner said she found a sewing needle embedded in her son's Halloween candy after he went trick-or-treating in Burns Lake, B.C. (Sharon Turner/Facebook)

RCMP say a sewing needle was discovered in a boy's trick-or-treat candy in Burns Lake, B.C.

Sharon Turner, the boy's mother, found the needle while checking through her son's candy last Friday. She said she saw a tiny hole in a chocolate bar, broke it in half and found the metal sticking out.

"I was extremely shocked," Turner said.

"He gets panic attacks easily," she added, referring to her son. "He ended up calling his sisters over and I just told them, 'Throw everything out.'"

Police confirmed Tuesday they are investigating the incident. A statement said they've been unable to determine which house the candy came from, as the family had visited a few different neighbourhoods on Halloween night last Thursday.

Turner said she warned other parents and was told others had found foreign objects in their kids' candy, too. She said her son has lost interest in Halloween because of the incident.

"The fact that my son doesn't want to go trick-or-treating anymore breaks my heart," Turner said.

Burns Lake RCMP said it hasn't received any other reports of tampered or harmful candy, but it is encouraging all parents to look through their children's Halloween bags for any irregularities.

With files from Chantelle Bellrichard