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Haida Nation reveals new luxury floating lodge

The Ocean House is part of the Nation’s plan to become more economically independent in its remote location.

The Ocean House floating lodge will be towed up the coast to Haida Gwaii

The floating resort, Ocean House lodge, run by the Haida Nation's business entity HaiCo prepares to make the journey from Vancouver Harbour to Haida Gwaii Wednesday night. (Rohit Joseph/CBC)

The Haida Nation unveiled a new floating resort Wednesday. 

The Ocean House is part of the Nation's plan to become more economically independent on the remote islands of Haida Gwaii, located off the northern coast of B.C.

"Bringing in outside revenue that is going to contribute to the local economy is a goal of ours," said Cliff Fregin, chairperson of the Haida business entity, HaiCo.

The Nation also runs the 10-room luxury lodge, Haida House, which generates tourism to the area.

The new tourism venture, dubbed a "cultural eco-tourism lodge," will be located on the west coast of Haida Gwaii in Peel Inlet.

"Those activities help our citizens obtain work in remote areas, there's not a lot of economic opportunities going on in those areas," Fregin said.

The stationary barge offers guests the option to relax with a spa on board the vessel, or venture out into the wilderness with guided tours to old-growth forests and sites of ancient villages. 

In-residence Haida artists from Vancouver, Skidegate and Masset featured at the resort for the three-month season will allow guests to observe traditional crafts such as weaving and carving.

A view from inside the floating Ocean House lodge parked in Vancouver Harbour Wednesday afternoon. (Rohit Joseph/CBC)

"We're quite honoured by the enthusiasm which the artistic community wanted to participate in this venture," Bob Brash, CEO of HaiCo, told On The Coast producer Rohit Joseph.

The barge was scheduled to leave Vancouver Harbour Wednesday evening for the three-day journey up the coast to Haida Gwaii.

Brash said the plan is to have the resort open to the public in early June. 

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