British Columbia

Guns, drugs, cash seized in Terrace, B.C.

Mounties say five people have been arrested following a 14-month investigation in Terrace, B.C.
Police say guns, drugs and cash were seized during a raid in Terrace, B.C. (Renee Filippone/CBC)

The RCMP say five people have been arrested following a 14-month long investigation in Terrace, B.C.

At a news conference in Surrey, B.C., on Monday, police said a weapons and drugs — including 110 long guns, 500 pot plants, cocaine, ecstasy, hashish, magic mushrooms and cash — were seized in the bust.

"This investigation reinforces the clear links between marijuana, ecstasy, and cocaine to illegal firearms and stolen property when organized criminal groups engaged in drug trafficking search for profits," said Supt. Brian Cantera.

"More concerning is the complete disregard these groups show for Canadian families and public safety, both of which pay the devastating price exacted for criminal profits."

RCMP Insp. Dana Hart says the bust will have a big impact on the drug trade in Terrace.

"The successful enforcement efforts we are displaying today is a strong reminder that small communities are not exempt from violence or fear," Hart said.

Police said five people were arrested and five properties searched. Dave Edwardsen has been charged with 11 drug trafficking and firearms related offences and remains in police custody, while charges are pending against four others.

Police said the group has links to organized crime and may be connected to others in the Okanagan and Lower Mainland but would not name any gangs specifically.