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Grumpy Cat in Vancouver to film Christmas movie

One of the internet's biggest stars is in Vancouver this week filming her first movie for the Lifetime channel — and she doesn't look very pleased about it!

As the internet cat sensation films in Vancouver, one local superfan explains the joy of Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat rocks her signature look.

One of the internet's biggest stars is in Vancouver this week filming her first movie for the Lifetime channel — and she doesn't look very pleased about it!

Grumpy Cat, the pussy with the grumpy disposition and signature frown is on the set of Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.

The feline superstar, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, was born with dwarfism, an underbite and dark patches under her eyes, all of which give her a trademark surly look.

That look has garnered her over 200,000 followers on Twitter and millions of 'Likes' on Facebook.

As with most things in the viral video era, it all started with a post on Reddit, and then a couple of YouTube videos, and the rest is internet cat history.

YouTube: The original Grumpy Cat video

Grumpy cat's visit to Vancouver has super-fan Andrea Ford giddy with excitement.

Andrea says she's got almost every Grumpy Cat stuffy available for purchase, her line of books, T-shirts, and even has a sign on her car to show off her love for the kitty.

Andrea also adores her signature phrases, found on her ever popular memes, like "I had fun was awful".

Vancouver's Andrea Ford channeling her inner grump. The Grumpy Cat superfan has collected most of the internet cat sensation's merchandise that's available for purchase in Canada. (Elaine Chau)

"She is a beautiful cat. She's also imperfect. I think that's what's really nice about her. Everybody has stresses and negativity, and when you see this cat, you can't help but be happy.

"I think everybody needs to laugh, and everybody needs to lighten up a little bit. And when you poke fun at the negativity, you're just going to smile."

Ford says she won't try to impose on Grumpy Cat's time while she's here filming, but she is honoured that she's in Vancouver.

Ford says it's a good opportunity for the internet cat sensation to get a few more fans.

"It hasn't been too hard to convince people that this is an adorable cat, despite the perma-frown. Most people are pretty accepting. They get it."

Vancouver's Andrea Ford has collected quite the array of Grumpy Cat Merchandise for herself. (Elaine Chau)


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