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Grouse Grind opens for the season

North Vancouver's Grouse Grind officially opened for the season this morning. Share your photos of Mother Nature's Stairmaster at #GrouseGrind.

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"Keep climbing," tweeted Ashley DC from the top of Grouse Mountain. (Ashley DC/Twitter)

After some extensive trail repairs this spring, North Vancouver's Grouse Grind hiking trail to Grouse Mountain Resort officially opened on Friday morning.

The popular 2.9 kilometre trail — often referred to as Mother Nature's Stairmaster — will be open from 6:15 a.m. until 7 p.m. PT and allows free access to the resort.

With 2,830 steps and an elevation gain of 853 metres, the strenuous uphill hike is only recommended for those who are reasonably fit and up for a challenge.

"First grind of the summer!" tweeted Nichoson Nguyen on Saturday. (Twitter/Nichoson Nguyen )

It takes most people between one and two hours to complete the trail, but there are plenty of of fit folks who train regularly on the route and do it in significantly less time.

Serious climbers use a swipe card system to track their time from the entrance to the lodge, with the fastest finishing in under 25 minutes

Grouse Mountain recommends you keep to the right if you're hiking the trail and, if you're listening to your iPod, keep your music volume low.

Experienced hikers often pass many people along the route, saying "on your left" as they go by.

The trail was designed to be uphill only and Metro Vancouver, which owns the land the trail is on, does not permit the hike downhill.

Most people choose to pay $10 to take the Grouse Mountain gondola back down.

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