British Columbia

Group tubing Cowichan river assailed by man throwing rocks

RCMP in North Cowichan, B.C., say a number of people tubing down the Cowichan river near Duncan were assaulted by an intoxicated man throwing rocks.

Police say 1 woman injured by rocks thrown by intoxicated suspect standing on river bank

A group of tubers on the Cowichan River were assailed Aug 4 by a suspect police believe was intoxicated. (Sarah Senkow)

RCMP in North Cowichan, B.C., say a number of people tubing down the Cowichan river near Duncan were assaulted by an intoxicated man throwing rocks at the group.

In a written statement, RCMP said officers were called to a report of several people being assaulted on the Cowichan River near Indian Road, at approximately 6:10 p.m., Aug. 4.

The victims said a suspect was throwing rocks at their group as they floated down the river. 

Police said at least one woman was hurt in the ordeal, but her injuries were minor. 

Tubers on the Cowichan River on Vancouver Island, B.C. (Sarah Senkow)

Police looking for more victims

"We are confident there are more people who were affected either by witnessing the offence, or who may have actually been assaulted themselves."

Const. Amron Christensen said it wasn't long after that the suspect was caught.

"Witnesses gave us a detailed description of what this person looked like and where he was. So, we were able to respond quickly and find someone matching that description and arrest him."

A 23-year-old Duncan man was taken into custody but has been released and is expected to appear in court to face charges.

RCMP are not releasing the man's identity, but Christensen is asking anyone who was assaulted or witnessed the assault to call police at 250-748-5522.



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