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'Grey ghost' lynx pauses for photo-op at Big White Ski Resort

Skiers in B.C. got quite the treat seeing the nocturnal wildcat up-close over the weekend and they have the videos to prove it.

Rarely seen nocturnal wild cat captured close-up

This lynx was spotted by Kelowna's Tracy Campbell on the west side of Big White Ski Resort in B.C. on Saturday, March 11. (Tracy Campbell)

Skiers at a resort in B.C.'s southern Interior were treated to more than just fresh powder this weekend.

A rarely seen adult lynx sauntered past skiers mid-run at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna on Saturday.

The "very special guest" was captured on video by James Ngo, a resort employee, according to the company's blog.

It was seen walking out of a wooded area at the bottom of Millie's Mile on the east side of the resort by Black Forest.

Rare encounter with lynx 0:27

On the same day, there was another sighting on the other side of the resort by Gem Lake Quad Chair.

This time, the wild cat seemed to even stop and pose for a photo by Kelowna-native, Tracy Cambpell.

The resort says the wild cat has been spotted on other occasions and believes it lives with two other younger lynx in the more remote Nordic Trail area.

Lynx are rarely seen in the daytime because they are nocturnal animals and tend to avoid humans. (Tracy Campbell)

Canada lynx are described by the National Wildlife Federation as the "grey ghost of the north," because they typically avoid human contact and hunt at night.

Its primary prey are snowshoe hares but it also hunts for mice, squirrels and birds.

A still image from the video that Big White Ski Resort employee James Ngo captured of an adult lynx. (James Ngo/Big White Ski Resort)