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Green Party wins first Vancouver seat

The Green Party won its first ever Vancouver city council seat in Saturday's municipal election, as Adriane Carr won by less than 100 votes.

Vancouver's first Green

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10 years ago
Adriane Carr speaks about being the first Green member of Vancouver's city council with Frances Bula and the CBC's Gloria Macarenko 2:24

The Green Party won its first ever Vancouver city council seat in Saturday's municipal election.

Adriane Carr narrowly won the city's 10th council seat, beating out Coalition of Progressive Electors candidate Ellen Woodsworth by just 91 votes.

"It was a close race and I am very excited that voters across the spectrum are behind me. I plan to be a champion for sustainable neighbourhoods and a voice to hold council accountable to the citizens of Vancouver," said Carr.

"This was certainly a team effort where getting out every single vote made the difference. I thank the many wonderful people who helped me to win this race."

Carr thanked voters following her win on Saturday, and said many factors contributed to the victory.

"Partly [being] Green and a voice that could hold accountable Vision Vancouver," she said. "But I think I also have name recognition and I think I attract votes across the spectrum. I think it was voters all across Vancouver."

In a written statement released Sunday, Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May congratulated Carr on the win.

"Adriane's commitment to public service is second to none and the people of Vancouver will be well served by her," said May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

"Adriane's platform of sustainability with a focus on local concerns and affordable housing obviously resonated. The people of Vancouver made the right choice with Adriane. I am so pleased for her and offer my congratulations to her entire team."

Carr has been deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada since 2006.