What's the greatest Vancouver song of all time? Music experts weigh in

What's the greatest Vancouver song of all time? With the Juno Awards coming up next week, CBC Early Edition host Stephen Quinn has been tasked with coming up with the answer.

CBC’s Stephen Quinn searches for answer ahead of Juno Awards

Andrea Warner and Mike Usinger list some of their suggestions for Vancouver's best music. (CBC)

What's the greatest Vancouver song of all time?

With the Juno Awards coming up next week, CBC Early Edition host Stephen Quinn has decided to give the question a shot.

Quinn called on two music experts for help coming up with a list of suggestions: Andrea Warner, the music columnist for CBC's On the Coast and CBC Music writer and Georgia Straight music editor Mike Usinger.

Waiting For the Drugs to Take Hold, Secret V's

"It covers everything — it covers the cocaine '80s, the ecstasy '90s, the opioid crisis and marijuana '00s and and '10s," said Usinger.

Still Here, JB The First Lady

"It's hip hop by an Indigenous woman. It's all about the fact that they tried to really wipe out the Indigenous population, but they remain, they resist, and they are fighting the good fight," said Warner.

Truthful, Sam Tudor

"It's sort of a weird period right now. It seems like all the Said the Whale, Mother Mother, Yukon Blonde and stuff like that are getting a little bit older, and I don't know if there are a lot of people coming up to replace them, although, if you start digging, there actually is," saidUsinger.

MDM, Jo Passed

"It sort of seems like we are on the beginning of a new crest because everything has been so [electronic dance music] and DJ culture for the past five years or so," Usinger added.


"I'm so excited to see artists like Kimmortall and Old Soul Rebel and a bunch of great bands, particularly women and non-binary and gender non-conforming bands start to really lead the focus into the next future of what Vancouver really does accurately look like," said Warner.

Apache, Incredible Bongo Band

"Recorded in Vancouver and sampled by everyone from Sir Mix-a-Lot, The Roots, Madonna, Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice," said Usinger.

Have not been the same, Slow

"[It's an] Expo 86 sort of thing which is when there was a scene change and the whole city sort of changed," said Usinger.

The Pack A.D.

"I think of The Pack A.D and All Damn Day Long and just rocking out in a garage classically in East Van and perhaps living in that garage at this point," said Warner.

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