British Columbia

International student, 23, killed as SUV crashes into Granville Island store

A 23-year-old international student is dead and two people are injured after they were struck by an SUV that crashed through a store wall on Granville Island in Vancouver.

Off-duty paramedics rushed to help woman pinned under SUV

The SUV crashed through the wall at Maiwa Handprints, a textile supply store on Granville Island, around 12:30 p.m. (StevesToe22/Twitter)

A 23-year-old woman, a visiting international student, was struck and killed by an SUV in a popular Vancouver tourist area, police say.

The woman was pinned under the vehicle after it backed up and crashed into a store on Granville Island.

Police wouldn't identify the victim's home country.

They said only that she was from another country and was studying in Canada.

"I heard a loud screech, a bang, and then screaming," said Jen Harmenzon, who rushed to the crash scene from a store across the street. 

A witness says off-duty paramedics who were visiting Granville Island rushed to the crash scene before ambulances arrived. (Ryan Stelting)

Harmenzon said off-duty paramedics ran over to help and ambulances arrived quickly. 

"The back end of the SUV, actually half of it, was in the building. And there was somebody underneath. She didn't make it," said Harmenzon.

I heard a loud screech, a bang, and then screaming.- Witness Jan Harmenzon

Harmenzon said an off-duty victims services worker was also on scene, comforting a friend of the woman who died.

One witness told CBC News she heard a loud screech, a bang, and then screaming. (Ryan Stelting )

Two other pedestrians received minor injuries.

The SUV crashed through the wall at Maiwa Handprints, a textile supply store at the corner of Anderson and Johnston streets, around 12:30 p.m.

Officials don't yet know what caused the collision in the busy area that's popular with tourists and shoppers.

Police said the driver of the SUV remained at the scene and is co-operating with investigators.