British Columbia

'Grandpa Gary' gets 18 months for sexual abuse of 2 neighbourhood girls

A Vancouver Island man has been sent to jail for repeatedly molesting a young neighbour beginning when she was about six years old.

Edward Gary Bolderson, 79, molested girl who viewed him as a father figure

Edward Gary Bolderson was sentenced to 30 months in prison, but that was reduced to 18 months to give credit for time already served. (Getty Images)

A Vancouver Island man has been sent to jail for repeatedly molesting a young neighbour beginning when she was about six years old.

Seventy-nine-year-old Edward Gary Bolderson pleaded guilty to two counts of touching a child for a sexual purpose — one for abusing a little girl over a two-year period, and the second for molesting her nine-year-old friend on one occasion, according to sentencing reasons from Port Hardy provincial court.

This month, Judge Barbara Flewelling handed Bolderson a prison sentence of 30 months for his crimes, but with 12 months' credit for time served, that sentence will be reduced to 18 months in jail.

One of the victims called Bolderson "Grandpa Gary." She saw him as a father figure — her dad had recently died — and frequently visited his mobile home, where he gave her pop, snacks and pocket change, according to the judge's reasons.

During about 10 of those visits, Bolderson licked her belly and genitals. The little girl didn't tell her mother because she was afraid of getting in trouble.

'She didn't want anyone to know'

The child, who is now nine years old, wrote a victim impact statement that was read for the court.

"She is afraid not only of Mr. Bolderson, but 'other bad guys' living in her community and wants him to stay away from her. She said that she didn't want anyone to know what he did to her," Flewelling said.

Bolderson molested the second girl when she visited him with the first victim. According to a victim impact statement from the second girl's father, the child is no longer outgoing and friendly; instead, she's fearful, anxious and has trouble sleeping.

Bolderson pleaded guilty to two counts of touching children for a sexual purpose. (Shutterstock)

But Bolderson, a retired tugboat operator, seems to have a "troubling" attitude about his crimes, according to the judge.

Disturbingly, he claimed his repeated victim "really liked it, and I enjoyed it," and said she brought her friend along so he could "do it to her — she wanted to watch me do her girlfriend."

Those comments, Flewelling said, "speak loudly and clearly to his lack of insight about why he sexually abused two young children and the amount of harm that he has caused them."

Judge emphasizes denunciation

The judge wrote that denunciation and deterrence should be the biggest considerations in determining a sentence, and that Bolderson should not be given a reduced sentence in consideration of prostate issues that may require surgery.

"While I understand that Mr. Bolderson is likely uncomfortable at the moment, if his treating physicians recommend surgery, I expect that Corrections will ensure that he is able to undergo this surgery in a timely manner and in the same manner as any other member of the public," Flewelling wrote.

Once he's out of jail, Bolderson will have to serve three years of probation and register as a sex offender. He'll also be prohibited for five years from being within 100 metres of his victims' homes, having any contact with people younger than 16 and visiting a public park or anywhere that children are likely to be present.