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'I'm so happy you're here': Vancouver Island woman reunites with trucker who helped save her life

Gord Price spotted a lump lying on the side of the Island Highway on Tuesday night. On second glance, he realized it was a woman.

Gord Price spotted Patricia Galloway lying on the side of the Island Highway on Tuesday

Patricia Galloway and Gordon Price, together for the first time since Price helped save her life. Galloway suffered a medical emergency on Tuesday and ended up on the side of a Vancouver Island highway in the middle of the night. (CHEK News)

A Vancouver Island trucker is being credited with helping to save a woman's life after he spotted her lying on the side of the road on Tuesday night.

Gord Price was driving along the Island Highway from Chemainus to Nanaimo when he saw a crumpled pile on the side of the road just after 12:30 a.m.

In the dark, the trucker thought it might have been an old mattress or some blankets.

Gordon Price returned to the area where he found Galloway on Wednesday, just outside of Chemainus on the Island Highway. (CHEK News)

He took a second glance as he passed and said he was shocked to see "a hand sticking out, and a face."

Price pulled over, flagged oncoming cars to slow down and ran over to the body.

"A white cotton housecoat laying up against the cement meridian, not conscious," Price told CHEK News. "No signs of life."

More passing truckers stopped to help block traffic. Price wrapped the woman in a blanket until paramedics arrived.

'I'm so happy you're here'

Patricia Galloway said the last thing she remembers before waking up in an ambulance is leaving her house to look for her cat — two kilometres away from where Price found her.

RCMP say she'd had a "medical emergency" and that Price's actions "helped save her life." 

Price and Galloway had a teary reunion on Wednesday, as soon as she was released from hospital.

"I'm so happy you're here," said Price.

"So am I," Galloway replied.

Patricia Galloway and Gordon Price reunited on Wednesday, after Galloway was released from hospital. (CHEK News)

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