British Columbia

Special series: A Good Goodbye

A radio and digital series on CBC BC on medical assistance in dying.

A radio and digital series on CBC BC on medical assistance in dying.

Storm Miller received an assisted death in her home in August of 2016 and is seen here hugging a friend on the morning of her death. (Dave Miller)

A Good Good-bye is an in-depth look at medical assistance in dying on both CBC BC radio and digital.

Part 1

Dr. Stefanie Green is a medical assistance in dying (MAiD) assessor and provider on Vancouver Island. She will share her thoughts on why B.C. has nearly double the national average for assisted death. 

Part 2

Royston, B.C., resident Diane Stringfellow has been approved for assisted death and will share the reactions she receives from people when she tells them of her decision.

Part 3

Legislation requiring two independent witnesses to any assisted death is a challenge as most family members and health-care providers aren't eligible. Ellen Agger, co-chair of Dying with Dignity, Victoria chapter, volunteers as an independent witness and will discuss the difficulties an extremely ill person has in finding two witnesses.

Part 4

How does a family support a loved one through an assisted death? Dave Miller will share the journey he and his wife Storm shared in the lead-up to her death.

Part 5

Dr. Jonathan Reggler provides assisted death on Vancouver Island and will discuss his concerns about faith-based hospitals and residential care facilities that don't permit assisted death on their premises.

Part 6 

For the final episode of the series, producer Jean Paetkau shares what it's like to explore stories and controversies surrounding assisted death in B.C. Her piece includes the perspective of Noreen Campbell, one of the first people in Canada to be approved for medical assistance in dying.

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