Arvin Golic, convicted in swarming death, now accused of threats to ex-girlfriend

The Crown argued the death threats illustrate Golic's character and show a lack of remorse.

'I'm gonna kill you and everyone that you talk to' Golic allegedly texted to the teen girl

In June Arvin Golic was found guilty of manslaughter in the swarming and stabbing death of Luka Gordic. (Arvin Golic/Instagram)

A judge has allowed evidence that Arvin Golic, convicted of killing Burnaby teen Luka Gordic, violated the conditions of his bail by threatening his ex-girfriend who testified at his trial.

In June Arvin Golic was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Luka Gordic, two years after the 19-year-old was killed in Whistler, B.C.

Gordic had been visiting the resort town for the May long weekend in 2015 when police say he was swarmed by 10 teenagers and stabbed, after allegedly defending this same young woman he'd accused Golic of abusing.

Golic — one of four teens charged in the attack — was 18 years old at the time.

He was meant to be sentenced on September 13, but the Crown introduced evidence that Golic had threatened his ex-girlfriend, who was a Crown witness.

According to court documents, the evidence consisted of a recording of a phone call Golic's ex-girlfriend made to police in June 2016, and a screenshot of a text message allegedly sent to her by Golic that same day.

In the messages, which are profane, Golic wrote: "I'm gonna kill you and everyone that you talk to."

"He started saying that I was seeing another guy that he knows and that he has a beef with that guy," Golic's ex-girlfriend told police.

According to court documents, Golic and the three other teenagers attacked Gordic because he had said that Golic should stop abusing his girlfriend. (Mike McArthur/CBC)

She also told police that Golic threatened "the Serbs" — referring to Gordic's friends, and said they should watch their backs.

Shortly afterwards Golic sent a text described in court documents as "placatory and somewhat affectionate," in which he apologized, asked her to call him one last time and said she "stabbed him in the back like no one ever could."

According to court documents, Golic and the three other teenagers attacked Gordic because he had said that Golic should stop abusing his girlfriend — the same woman who Golic threatened a year after the murder.

"Whereas the offender could have been overcome with regret and remorse at the death of Luka Gordic, this evidence shows he was still behaving the same way a year later, triggered by perceived attention by another young man to the same young woman who was at the center of the attack on Mr. Gordic," the judge wrote in her decision.

"If Mr. Golic attempts on sentence to put forward evidence of good character, this goes directly to that point," she wrote.

Golic's sentencing hearing is scheduled for October 17.

The verdict for the three other co-accused, who can't be named because of their age, is expected on September 25.

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