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Glass-walled condo becomes B.C. stage

Three actors are spending 10 hours a day inside a glass structure in a B.C. mall, having just about everything they do both broadcast on the internet and played out in front of an audience of curious onlookers doing their shopping.

Lookie-loo rom-com turns out to be 450-hour condo commercial

Three actors are living inside a glass structure in a Surrey, B.C., mall, with just about all their movements broadcast on the internet and watched by passers-by

They are acting in a 450-hour live, online video "drama," 10 hours per day, over the next six weeks.

Given the staging of the production, the audience is not just watching on the web but are also among shoppers walking by the virtual fishbowl of a stage at the Surrey Central City Mall.

But it's not a reality show, or pure drama. It's all part of a unique commercial effort to sell real estate.

The CBC's Bob Nixon explains.