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Gas prices hit record 160.9 cents per litre in Vancouver

'These are the highest prices that we have ever seen here in Vancouver,' says industry watcher Dan McTeague. 'And they appear to be breaking all records even going back to 1998 when we had that energy super bubble.'

Experts predict prices in the range of $1.65 per litre are likely to come by summer.

"Come Monday morning, all gas stations will be in the $161.9 [per litre] area in Metro Vancouver," said Dan McTeague with the Gas Buddy website. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC)

Gas prices continue to break records in the Lower Mainland, as prices hit 160.9 cents for a litre in Vancouver.

The pump price jumped a full cent overnight Saturday, with many drivers waking up to the new numbers Sunday morning.

Dan McTeague with said Vancouver now has the highest gas prices of any major city in North America, with Victoria in second place. He said the prices break records, looking back as far as 1998.

"These are the highest prices that we have ever seen here in Vancouver," he said. "We're into uncharted territory here and extremely expensive for pretty much everyone." 

173.3 cents per litre on Haida Gwaii

Gas prices in Masset B.C. increased by five cents per litre overnight Saturday to 173.3 cents per litre.

McTeague says the jump in prices are due to the weak Canadian dollar and two gas refineries being under maintenance. He's predicting prices to rise to 161.9 cents per litre in Vancouver by Wednesday.

Gas prices often also rise in the summer as  people drive more to take trips — and McTeague says prices then could go as high as $1.65 per litre.

On Sunday, drivers around Vancouver vented on social media about the prices.

With files from Gian-Paolo Mendoza.


  • A previous version of this story said Vancouver had the highest gas prices in North America.
    Apr 29, 2018 5:05 PM PT

With files from Gian Paolo Mendoza