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Game of Thrones and other shows drive popularity of swordplay in Vancouver

"If you like problem solving, you’ll love sword fighting," said Vancouver swordplay instructor

Academie Duello continues to expand its types of swordplay classes because of a growing demand

So many ways to swordplay

7 years ago
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The European martial art of sword play is growing in popularity in Vancouver

Fans of swordplay don't just have to read about epic sword battles or watch them in TV or movies — they can learn how to wield a sword themselves.

Swordplay classes are growing in popularity in Vancouver and across Canada, sparked in part by those with a kinship to house Stark or Lannister.

There's a person trying to hit you with a sword, you have to solve that problem.Greg Reimer, swordplay instructor

"Game of Thrones has put a lot of excitement into sword fighting" said Greg Reimer, a provost, or instructor, at Academie Duello in Vancouver.

Academie Duello offers a variety of classes, including a certification class for actors who want to use weapons in roles they play, and classes in "mounted combat" (sword fighting on horseback).

Reimer said swordplay is very fun, but can also be mentally challenging.

"If you like problem solving you'll love sword fighting because there's a person trying to hit you with a sword, you have to solve that problem. It's mentally challenging, it's physically challenging, it's all there."

In the video above Reimer describes some of the weapons, and demonstrates sparring for CBC host Gloria Macarenko.


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