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Gabi & Jules: unique family Port Moody pastry shop bakes for autism

When their autistic and allergy-plagued daughter reacted to a cookie one day, coffee shop owners Lisa Beecroft and her husband Patrick wanted to make their baked products even better.

Lisa Beecroft has a new take on old school pie-making

Lisa Beecroft explains the concept behind the bakery named after her kids 3:45

When Lisa Beecroft and her husband​ opened up a bakery, they decided to name it after their children — Gabi & Jules — to inspire them to run their business with care and compassion.

A few years ago their eldest daughter reacted to the additives in a Halloween candy, so from then on Beecroft committed to a different kind of baking which is sold in the family's Caffee Divano shops — no food dyes, and no chemicals along with butter — not shortening — in crusts.

"Pie is something really fun to play around with when baking because it is this blank canvas," said Beecroft on CBC's Our Vancouver. "We wanted to play and elevate it and find some unique twists on things."

Their signature pies include strawberry ginger peach, pumpkin with ginger cookies, and apple cranberry cream cobbler.

Baked goods from Gabi & Jules bakery are made without food dyes or chemicals. (CBC)

They use pie tins that customers can bring back or keep using themselves. 

"Our eldest daughter has autism," she said. "We figured if it was named after them we should carry on with that, so our charity's name is Medicare for Autism Now! and the Autism Support Network."

"Those are two great charities and they both do so much for the autism community, so we donate a dollar a pie back to those charities."

The Beecrofts also employ people who are on the Autism spectrum while Beecroft says she's happy to give back to the community of Port Moody, her hometown.

With files from CBC's Our Vancouver.