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Former premier's son Brad Bennett re-enlists as Clark's campaign advisor

Bennett was widely credited with playing a vital role in Clark's 2013 electoral victory, which came despite the NDP having a massive lead in most public polls.

Bennett will travel with B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark during the upcoming election campaign

Brad Bennett looks on as Premier Christy Clark announces his appointment as Chairman of B.C. Hydro on Sept. 30, 2015. (Government of B.C.)

Brad Bennett, the son and grandson of two popular former B.C. premiers, is getting ready to rejoin Christy Clark on the campaign trail ahead of next May's provincial election.

In 2013, Bennett travelled with Clark and advised her in her first election as leader of the B.C. Liberals. He was widely credited with playing a vital role in her victory, which came despite the NDP having a massive lead in most public polls.

This time around, "it's a closer race," said Bennett in an interview with Daybreak South guest Host, Alya Ramadan. "That's what our numbers would indicate."

Unique role

Bennett says he will be "one of a number of advisors" on Clark's campaign.

"I guess I play a bit of a unique role in the campaign in that I don't have a job title and I don't specifically have a job description. But I'm travelling with the premier and checking back into campaign headquarters on a regular basis and helping determine where we want to make adjustments."

Bennett will be involved in Clark's campaign the moment the campaign begins until voters go to the polls on May 9.

He will be "involved in everything," he says.

Bennett lives in Kelowna and is the grandson of W.A.C. Bennett, who was the Social Credit premier of B.C. from 1952 until 1972. He is also the son of Bill Bennett, another Social Credit premier who governed from 1975 until 1986.

Bennett is the president of McIntosh Properties, a real estate investment firm in Kelowna. In 2015, Premier Clark appointed him as chairman of BC Hydro.

Much like the B.C. Liberals today, the Socreds were a centre-right, free-enterprise political coalition.

"In B.C. historically, if the free-enterprise, centre-right coalition stays together, un-fractured, it has a pretty good chance at winning," said Bennett.

No desire to run himself

Despite his political heritage and involvement, Bennett has resisted repeated calls to run for elected office himself.

"I've been consistent with that answer for my entire life," he said.

"I guess the reason for that is because I was born into a political family. I've been around politics all my life. I know the sacrifice that it takes and I admire anybody that wants to take it on and make that kind of commitment. I chose not to do it myself."

In fact, he says, this will be the last time he gets directly involved in an election campaign.

"Two times is enough for me."

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