British Columbia

Float home sinks into B.C.'s Fraser River

The house tipped in Richmond B.C. on Monday.

Crews say salvage of the Richmond property could cost $50K

A floating home in Richmond tipped over and began to sink on June 20, 2017. (Anita Bathe/CBC)

A float home in Richmond, B.C. has tipped into the Fraser River and crews say it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to get it out.

The owner and another man were doing some home repairs on the deck on Monday when the boards cracked, spilling them into the Fraser River. 

Neither of them was hurt, but on Tuesday the home appeared to be resting on the bottom of the river, with everything inside the home submerged.

Marina manager Norman Marcus said the dock was the only thing that stopped the house from rolling over completely.

He said he's never seen anything like it in six years of experience.

"I was doing some other work and my son yelled at me and said 'a float home has rolled over,' and I said, 'Can't be.'"

The dock is said to have stopped the house from completely tipping over. (CBC)

He said the owner was "in shock" on Monday but seemed to be doing better by Tuesday.

Salvage crews told CBC News it will likely be extremely difficult to remove the home. They said it could cost up to $50,000 to salvage the building, which is worth around $100,000.

It's not clear whether insurance will cover the operation.