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Firefighters carry injured woman out of Lynn Canyon

A 20-year-old woman who slipped and fell off a steep bank in a popular North Shore park had to be lifted out by a technical ropes rescue team and then carried out by firefighters.

20-year-old woman injures ankle falling into Lynn Creek

A steep rescue in Lynn Canyon

8 years ago
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Firefighters lifted out a 20-year-old woman who fell and injured her lower leg in Lynn Canyon Park Saturday

A 20-year-old woman who slipped and fell off a steep bank in a popular North Shore park had to be lifted out by a technical rope rescue team and then carried out by firefighters.

District of North Vancouver assistant fire chief Mike Cairns said the woman fell into Lynn Creek, and appeared to have landed on her right ankle on the rocks.

When the call came in, the woman was in the water just upstream from the 30-foot pool area at Lynn Canyon Park.

By the time firefighters arrived, she was out of the water but in the bottom of a very steep area.

"We ended up lowering a couple of firefighters down on rope system, stabilized the patient, loaded the patient into a basket... and then brought her up the bank," Cairns said.

Mike Cairns, assistant fire chief with the District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, said the women who was carried out of Lynn Canyon appeared to have injured her ankle after falling and landing on rocks in or at the side of Lynn Creek. (CBC)

Cairns said the woman appears to have been going for a swim with friends. He said hundreds of people were using the park Saturday and all park users need to keep in mind that the canyon can kill.

"The canyon's dangerous. It's steep. Areas are slippery. It's very unforgiving, so use extreme caution," he said.

Cairns said hikers and swimmers should stay out of fenced-off areas around the creek, should wear proper footwear on all trails, and should, above all, "just be careful."

Firefighters carried a woman out of Lynn Canyon Park after she fell and injured her ankle the afternoon of Saturday, August. 23, 2014. (CBC)

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