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Fire destroys home in Surrey

An overnight fire has completely gutted a residence on 148 Street in Surrey, B.C.

Fire officials say 6 people made it out of burning house

A house was fully engulfed in flames when fire crews arrived. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

An overnight fire has completely gutted a house in the 6100-block of 148 Street in Surrey, B.C.

The blaze began on Saturday, a little after 1 a.m. PT. Fire crews arrived to find the house in flames.

"They did a defensive attack, and the crews got some water on it really quick, as soon as they got here. The fire hall is just around the corner, it's approximately half a mile away," said Surrey Fire Battalion Chief Steve Zecchel.

Zecchel said nobody was seriously hurt in the fire. 

"There was six people living in the home and they all got out okay. The father went to the hospital just for minor smoke inhalation, just for observation," said Zecchel. "There was teenagers, then up to the parents and the grandparent."

A captain with the Surrey Fire Department suits up, as he prepares to attack the huge flames behind him. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

A group of teens were celebrating a friend's 19th birthday in the house next door, which was also damaged by the huge flames.

"I was in the back room, I heard the girl's mom yell, 'Fire!,' so we ran out. I grabbed all my stuff and I ran out of the house," said one of the teens.

"I came outside, the house was on fire. I was scared, I ran back in to get my stuff, and they said, 'Don't [expletive] run back inside; that is a stupid idea.' So I stayed outside and I'm super scared,' said another. 'We came out here and it was just blazing.'"

Zecchel said he had no idea how the fire started, or in which part of the house it ignited.

"We've got an inspector coming out in the morning who's going to take a look at it," said Zecchel. 

A firefighter sprays foam inside an upstairs room in the burnt-out house, after the bulk of the flames were extinguished. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)


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