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Find A Lost Pet App aims to reunite owners with lost pets

Four teenagers in the Lower Mainland are running a crowdfunding campaign for an app they say will help families reunite with lost pets.

The young team hopes to raise $500 toward their project

The creators of Find A Lost Pet App say their app will give people the opportunity to help if they see a lost pet. (Getty Imges)

Trying to find a lost pet? There's (nearly) an app for that.

Four teenagers in the Lower Mainland are crowdfunding an app that they say will help families reunite with lost pets.

Thousands of lost animals wind up at the BCSPCA every year and many more are never found. The young creators of Find A Lost Pet say their app will give people the opportunity to help if they see a lost pet.

"I always see these lost pet posters all over the place and I just feel bad that I can't really do much to help them ... I figured this is a good way to help families that have lost pets," said co-developer and project leader Stefan Clarinval.

The 13-year old and his team are hoping to raise $500 to pay for hosting and domain expenses.

Fourteen-year old Laef Kucheran says the app will be free, but it needs both pet owners and observant passersby in order to work.

"If you have a missing pet, you'd be able to enter it into the service," he said.

Anyone who sees a lost pet wandering the streets can look through the app's database and make a match. It only takes a couple of seconds, says Kucheran.

"They'd would be able to tap on one that matches, and it would quickly report the location and other information about the pet."

Alin Kucheran (left), Brandon Mayhew, Laef Kucheran and Stefan Clarinval started working on their app, Find A Lost Pet, in October. (Charlie Cho / CBC)

The boys began working on the project in October, after lost pet posters in Kucheran's neighbourhood inspired him to make the app.

Both Clarinval and Kucheran say they taught themselves how to design and code, something they enjoy immensely.

Kucheran and the two other project members, his twin brother Alin Kucheran and Brandon Mayhew, attend a public high school in Coquitlam called Inquiry HUB, where there is a focus on technology.

The team plans to launch the app in the beginning of the new year.

Find out more about the app at

To listen to the full audio, click the link labelled: Need to find a lost pet? Teens make app for that.


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