Feral cats in Aldergrove given some TLC

A Langley-based rescue society is spending the weekend trapping, sterilizing and neutering feral cats in Aldergrove as a way of solving the community's cat overpopulation.

Dozens of felines were trapped, sterilized and neutered before being released back into the wild

TinyKittens spent the weekend finding feral cats to sterilize and medically treat before releasing them to the wild again. (TinyKittens)

In an attempt to keep the feral cat population under control — and to mark National Feral Cat Day — a team of volunteers spent the weekend trapping, neutering and releasing the felines in the Aldergrove neighbourhood of Langley, B.C. 

TinyKittens, a Langley-based rescue society, estimates that 22,000 feral and free-living cats currently roam the area. It says most of them haven't been fixed. 

TinyKittens estimates that there are 22,000 feral and free-living cats currently roaming the City and Township of Langley. (TinyKittens)

Volunteers spent the weekend humanely trapping and taking in dozens of felines to sterilize and medically treat before releasing them once again into the wild or finding them forever homes.

The organization says this process will reduce behaviours like roaming, yowling, spraying or fighting, which will allow the community to better welcome these cats as neighbours. 

The 'fix-a-thon' was livestreamed to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering.

The weekend-long fix-a-thon is supposed to help ease the community's cat overpopulation. (TinyKittens)