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Fasten your leashes and prepare for cuteness: meet the working dogs of YVR

"They’re all different breeds with different specialties who contribute in their own way," says the airport's director of customer care.

‘They’re all different breeds with different specialties who contribute in their own way,’ says YVR spokesman

Guide dogs like this one help passengers with mobility issues make it safely through the airport. (Don Marce/CBC)

The Vancouver International Airport took time to salute its four-legged staff on Monday in a special event educating the public about how dogs help keep the busy airport running smoothly.

From left to right are representatives from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA); Transit Police; St. John Ambulance; Securiguard; Reg Krake, Director, Customer Care, Vancouver Airport Authority; BC & Alberta Guide Dogs; Mister Bentley; YVR’s Wildlife Team in partnership with Avisure and Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS). (Vancouver International Airport)

Reg Krake, director of customer care for the Vancouver Airport Authority, called the dogs, their handlers and their respective organizations "vital members" of the YVR community.

"The work these dogs do to keep the terminal and the community safe and keep travellers calm and happy is immeasurable," Krake said.

"They're all different breeds with different specialities who contribute in their own way."

Dogs with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Transit Police help with security related issues at the airport. (Vancouver International Airport)

Nearly 20 dogs took part in the event, representing Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Transit Police, Securiguard, Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS), B.C. & Alberta Guide Dogs, St. John Ambulance and YVR's Wildlife Team.

Mister Bentley, an Instagram celebrity known for his fondness of helicopter rides, was also present.

Instagram star Mister Bentley and his owner, Alycia Foy, were at the event. (Don Marce/CBC)

Also making a splash at the event was Pilot, of YVR's Wildlife Team. His job is to chase birds away from the airfield — a job he has excelled at in his first year.

"Young Pilot has a real energy for chasing birds and a real desire to chase birds compared to the other dogs," said YVR representative David Bradbeer.

Pilot scares away birds who might otherwise come in to contact with aircraft at YVR/ (Vancouver International Airport)

The airport says close to 90,000 people travel through YVR every day.

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