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Farrah Merali is a reporter with CBC Toronto with a passion for politics and urban health issues. She previously worked as the early morning reporter at CBC Vancouver. Follow her at @FarrahMerali

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Bengali community tries to tackle 'alarming' spike in youth suicides with study

Thirteen young Bengali men in the Greater Toronto Area have died by suicide within a two-year span, a figure that has left many in the Bengali community shaken. A small group of volunteers set out to try and understand why this was happening.

Toronto police pushing to expand mobile crisis team to respond to mental health calls

In the wake of a string of mental health calls that have ended in tragedy, the Toronto Police Services Board will discuss a report Thursday on the proposed expansion of mobile crisis intervention teams. But some critics say much more extensive reforms are needed.

Father moved into son's backyard coach house — then the city came knocking

In a city that’s in dire need of more rental housing stock — with low vacancy rates and ballooning prices — advocates say it’s time that Toronto allows coach houses like Rod Wilson's to be permitted for residential use.

Torontonians demand changes on first day of police reform meeting

The first of four virtual town hall meetings hosted by the Toronto Police Services Board begins Thursday night. It's the board's first series of meetings on police reform, accountability and public safety and it says there's been "unprecedented" interest from the public.

Former WE Charity employee says staff tried to silence her by rewriting anti-racism speech

Amanda Maitland says a personal speech she was supposed to deliver during an anti-racism tour for the WE Charity was rewritten by a mostly white team of staff. The new speech — she says — largely erased her own story of experiencing racism as a black woman.

How Ghanaian-Canadians' push for a Toronto community centre fell victim to COVID-19

After five years of pursuing a site at 150 Rivalda Rd. in North Toronto for a community centre, the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario has learned the building is off the table. The city says it's needed to help in battle against the novel coronavirus.

How the pandemic is preventing some landlords from evicting tenants who endanger their safety

Two Toronto landlords are speaking out after failing to evict tenants who have put their health and safety at risk during COVID-19. That's because the Ontario government implemented a moratorium on evictions to ensure people can stay in their homes during the pandemic.
Point of View

I went to get tested for COVID-19. Here's what it was like

This week has seen a shift in testing in Ontario, with the Ford government now encouraging anyone who wants to get a test to get one. So CBC Toronto reporter Farrah Merali thought she'd put that to the test to see how easy it really is. 

'Invisible disability': Masks making it harder to communicate, deaf and hard of hearing say

The task of communicating has become increasingly difficult for the deaf or hard of hearing because so many people have begun wearing masks during the pandemic. Many who are hard of hearing rely on lipreading and 70 per cent of sign language relies on facial expressions and body movements.

Off the ventilator but not yet on his feet: The long road to recovery from COVID-19

Doctors say there are still a lot of unknowns about COVID-19, the recovery period and what some of the long-term impacts may be. Researchers hoping to understand more about the disease are now beginning the task of trying to map out the spectrum of cases.

Hundreds of Ontario doctors have come out of retirement or offered to redeploy during pandemic

According to numbers provided to CBC Toronto from the Canadian Medical Protective Association, at least 93 doctors in Ontario who had retired or taken a form of leave, returned to work in direct response to the pandemic. Hundreds more have offered to redeploy to where they're needed.

Retired nurses want to fight COVID-19. So why is Ontario so slow to call them back?

As the Ontario government declares it needs "all hands on deck" to fight the pandemic and has called in the military to assist front-line workers, retired nurses like Julie Richardson are questioning why they're left waiting for weeks for a response.

'We're all struggling': Tenants — and landlords — anxious as April 1 rent day arrives

April 1 is the first time many people are paying rent since COVID-19 became a pandemic, raising anxieties about how to survive until government assistance kicks in.

Proposal to build condos on waterfront 'makes absolutely zero sense,' Pickering residents say

Thousands of people have signed an online petition calling on the city to quash a proposal to build two condo towers on the waterfront just a few hundred metres from the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.

How 5 community groups turned a $50K grant into $5.9M for low-income Torontonians

For many of the city's homeless or low-income residents, filing income taxes every year isn't always an option. But a program run by Toronto Neighbourhood Centres is trying to change that by offering tax filing services — for free.