British Columbia

Fake grenades shut down Prince George airport

Several flights were cancelled and the Prince George airport was briefly evacuated this morning after security detected what looked like two hand grenades in one man's carry-on luggage.
These two marijuana grinders, made to look like grenades, caused the closure of Prince George Airport on Tuesday morning. (Wil Fundal/CBC)

Several flights were cancelled and Prince George Airport was briefly evacuated Tuesday morning, after security detected what looked like two hand grenades in a man's carry-on luggage.

RCMP Cpl. Craig Douglass said the incident was anything but routine for security at the airport.

"They had located two grenades going through the X-ray machine. The airport was immediately evacuated," he said.

Several officers, including police dogs and firefighters locked down the main terminal building.

But half an hour later, investigators determined the items weren't explosive.

The grenades were actually replicas made to be used to grind up marijuana buds for smoking.

"A 44-year-old male was obviously a little embarrassed. You know, I guess lacked common sense in that moment in time," said Douglass.

Police seized the grinders, but let the suspect go with a warning not to bring grenades on an airplane, even if they're not the real thing.