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'I don't want to get old': Meet the 91-year-old who backflips off the high diving board

Dubbed the 'World's Most Extreme Grandpa' in a viral video, John Carter of Trail, B.C., loves staying active.

Dubbed 'World's Most Extreme Grandpa' in viral video, John Carter of Trail, B.C., loves staying active

'The one lifeguard says there isn't an 80 or 90 year old man that can even climb upon on the high board never mind diving off it,' says John Carter, 91, of Trail, B.C. (devinsupertramp/YouTube)

When John Carter is bored of doing backflips off the 10-foot diving board, he will occasionally do a back flop to show off. 

Except, sometimes, the lifeguards have to point out to the 91-year-old that he's lost his dentures. 

"I thought they were closed in good in my pocket, but the lifeguard says, 'Hey Mr. Carter, your teeth are down by the bottom of the pool,'" Carter said in a video filmed by his grandson-in-law, Devin Graham, an extreme sports videographer.

The video, titled World's Most Extreme Grandpa, showcases the then-90-year-old Trail, B.C., resident excelling at various physical activities like biking, snowshoeing, running, playing soccer and, of course, diving. 

"I come from a family of 14 kids and so we're a very active family," Carter told guest host Brady Strachan on CBC's Daybreak South.

Listen to the interview here:

Carter is in good health. He has never smoked or drank, and limits his meat-eating nowadays because of his dentures. He says he feels more like a 65- or 70-year-old than 91 and he's determined to keep up his physically active lifestyle as long as he can.

Carter said his favourite moment was hearing the comment of a six-year old boy sitting at the edge of the pool watching him dive. 

"He said to the lifeguard, 'I think he's a lifeguard disguised as an old man,'" Carter said with a big laugh. 

Carter says his newfound viral video fame means it's difficult to get through a workout without people stopping to chat with him. (devinsupertramp/YouTube)

The only thing that could hinder his workout is his newfound fame.

Carter, who owned a sewing and fabric business with his late wife Bonnie for 40 years, was already well known in town. However, the video — which has nearly 100,000 views as of Dec. 4 — has given him a different audience.

Watch the video here:

Now people recognize him at the pool. 

"I usually have three or four people watching me," Carter said. "They'll come and ask me, how old are you? It is kind of cute and I just want to keep doing it and having fun.

"I don't want to get old."

John Carter, 91, of Trail, B.C. loves to keep active. (devinsupertramp/YouTube)


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