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Evidence in Proctor murder released

Court officials have released more evidence from the trial of the two Victoria-area teenagers who killed Kimberly Proctor.

Mind of a teen killer

11 years ago
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Cameron Moffat described his mindset during the assault and murder of Kimberly Proctor in his video confession, the CBC's Eric Rankin reports

Court officials have released more evidence from the trial of the two Victoria-area teenagers who killed Kimberly Proctor.

The judge decided to release the evidence after the media requested it be released at court hearing on Tuesday. The decision followed the sentencing of Cameron Alexander Moffat,18, and Kruse Hendrick Wellwood, 17, to life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years on Monday.

The material being released on Wednesday includes a video police interrogation of Moffat, text messages between Moffat and Wellwood intercepted by police, online chats between the killers and Proctor, RCMP's search warrant documents, forensic lab reports and DNA analysis.

Proctor's family has indicated they wish the material to be released to the public. CBC News will publish the material online as soon as it become available.

The pair had pleaded guilty to luring Proctor to Wellwood's home where they bound, raped and murdered her, before transporting her body by bus to a wooded area and burning it beneath a bridge.

Despite their ages, the judge ruled that Wellwood and Moffat should be sentenced as adults and that their identities should not be protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Tried to lure other teen

Some of the text messages appear to show Moffat communicating with an ex-girlfriend, trying to convince her to come to Wellwood's home, just hours after killing Kimberly Proctor.

Cameron Moffat, 18, shown on the left, and Kruse Wellwood, 17, shown on the right pleaded guilty to the first degree murder of Kimberly Proctor. (CBC)
Proctor's aunt, Joanne Landolt, said she takes some comfort in the fact that the girl refused to go there.

"I am so very glad that girl didn't come over to meet you the night after you did this to Kim. By doing that, she saved her own life and spared her family from going through what we have," said Landolt on Monday.

During the sentencing hearing, Crown prosecutors played a wiretap intercept of a conversation between Moffat and Wellwood that was recorded as the pair was transported in a sheriff's van to make their first court appearance in June.

In the recording, the teens could be heard laughing and discussing their hair and shoes and making light of the charges against them.